About us

About MapGear

As an ambitious team we specialise in Geo-ICT: we develop innovative applications in the area of GIS and geodata. Our clients include both (semi)government institutions and commercial organisations. They consciously choose a pragmatic partner who is on the same page as them and can quickly switch between technology and content.

At MapGear we develop card applications for professional use and offer both standard and customised solutions. We focus on functionality, but we start with the most important element: user-friendliness. To help you with your geo challenges, our people immerse themselves in all possible techniques to create your desired application or visualisation. We can also offer the necessary equipment such as geo-tablets, TouchTables and GPS cameras.
With a young and innovative team, we like to work in a fresh and inspiring environment – that is why we are located in the former Gas factory in Deventer. Here we can be in daily contact with other entrepreneurs and start-ups and we try to help each other whenever possible. The fact that we are members of MKB Deventer, have lunch together and enjoy Friday afternoon get-togethers, shows who we are: communicative, social and hands-on. Feel free to come by for an introduction!