Bing Maps

State-of-the-art mapping solution from Microsoft, optimised for cloud-based solutions.

Bing Maps

MapGear is the official supplier of Bing Maps. Bing Maps is a state-of-the-art mapping solution made by HERE and marketed by Microsoft. It has been optimised for cloud-based solutions in general and, in particular, for Microsoft software solutions. The platform is user-friendly and includes an enormous wealth of data and functionalities.


Bing Maps can be used for multiple purposes, such as Marketing, Business & Risk Management, Supply Chain Management, Asset Management, Service & Maintenance, as well as client-specific portals and applications. Main Features:

  • The map is kept up-to-date by HERE, one of the best providers of worldwide
  • satellite data
  • “Bird’s eye view” with fascinating details of buildings;
  • Traffic density data;
  • Possibilities for calculating and displaying routes;
  • Put points on the map using geocoding;
  • Link addresses to points using reverse geocoding;
  • Integrate with existing applications, such as CRM, ERP, Logistics Planning, HRM, BI.

As a reseller, you can come to us for a Microsoft BingMaps license. A mapping app from Microsoft that provides more insight into complex business data. Bing Maps is a mobile asset management solution; organisations make smarter day-to-day decisions to save efficiency, effectiveness and costs. In addition, the service is continuously optimised and various processes are improved and performance measured.

We are the exclusive reseller of Bing Maps in the Netherlands and will gladly to tell you more about it.

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