CMS scraper

Mapping locations easily without GIS software or expertise.

CMS scraper
Municipal offices, wedding venues, polling stations, dog exits, parking places, building projects: citizens and companies like to map them on their computers, tablets or smartphones. The information to make these online maps is often already in a different form on municipal websites. CMS scraper, the latest tool from MapGear, automatically translates this information into user-friendly web maps.

Internet users increasingly use online maps: currently about 75%. Half of them do so on a smartphone. An online map enables them to look up addresses, determine travel times, navigate and view aerial photographs in an organised manner. Maps are a useful tool to filter the growing amount of digital information in a visual and user-friendly way.

CMS scraper reads the CMS from websites to see the basic structure. After that, the tool can create web maps of any desired part. It uses content that contains location information, such as lists with postcodes and house numbers. CMS scraper recognises this data and translates this automatically into pins on the map. The map is easily adaptable according to any house style and design layout. The web maps can be requested in a separate viewer or integrated in the existing site as an iframe. They update themselves automatically, unless users opt for manual updates. CMS scraper offers many advantages:

  1. mapping information offers citizens, companies and government officials better and faster insight than reports or lists
  2. your existing content is often sufficient (no GIS expertise required) and web editors can create maps without third-party expertise
  3. the map viewer can be adapted according to your website’s own corporate identity
  4. specific GIS maps from internal departments or external sources are easy to add and combine
  5. with open standards such as WMS and WFS, the map layers can easily be integrated into your own map viewer or application

We will happily tell you more about the possibilities to easily get your map completed in your own house style and preferred design layout.

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