Draw and calculate

Draw and calculate

The new, innovative Teken&Reken functionality in our GeoApps platform, allows you to carry out geo analyses on your geodata. For example, you can calculate how many objects or people are expected to be in a particular area (in case of emergencies). Or calculate how many households can be supplied with power or heating by implementing sustainable measures for a selection of houses, neighbourhoods or districts.

A good example of this is the Light map, an analysis tool specially developed for those responsible for the management of lighting in public spaces. This GeoApps-based tool was developed at the request of Tauw, an engineering firm. The aim of the application is to be able to quickly calculate the various options (scenarios) for making street lighting more sustainable, for example by replacing lamps with LEDs. Via the interactive map, a selection of lights can be made that need to be addressed (for example in a specific neighbourhood or lighting that needs to be replaced), after which the expected costs and benefits can be calculated within a few seconds. The user can adjust the calculation parameters themselves, so that the calculation can be carried out again based on different criteria. The result of the analysis can be downloaded in the form of a clear PDF report.

The application has been extensively tested in several municipalities in recent weeks and has enjoyed a positive response. Soon Tauw will also make this analysis tool available to other municipalities, not only for the sustainability-factor in terms of street lighting but also for the calculation of other sustainable measures that can be implemented, such as solar panels, windmills or riothermic projects.


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