all the necessary tools to publish geodata online


GeoApps, our innovative mapping platform, offers all the necessary tools to publish geodata online as an attractive map viewer or embedded in your website or application. The viewer is very user-friendly and can be customised according to your preferences in terms of design and house style. The intuitive management environment means you can manage all your projects and maps easily. GeoApps offers a wide range of colour templates, style libraries and functionalities. This ensures that each mapping project can be realised quickly – whether it involves a simple map or a complex project with multiple themes and users.

GeoApps can be used as a self-service web application and seamlessly connects to open source techniques such as PostGIS, GeoServer and OpenLayers. The integrated data warehouse offers links to common data sources and formats and open standards (such as WMS and WFS) are fully supported. Custom files (such as shapefiles) are easily loaded via drag-and-drop or GeoApps can be integrated with your GIS application (such as ArcGIS and QGIS) so that you can create and edit your data locally and make the results immediately visible in the online map viewer, for colleagues, clients or partners.

A new functionality – which we are very proud of – is the Teken&Reken (draw and calculate) module. This allows you to perform on-the-fly analyses for map layers configured in GeoApps. This way you can calculate the number of inhabitants in an area in no time, by entering this on the map. Or you can calculate the total potential for solar panels in a neighbourhood or area, taking into account the sun/shade ratio on buildings. The data, starting points and parameters used are fully configurable, so that the options for carrying out analysis are virtually endless.

Many organisations, including municipalities, provinces and consultancy and engineering firms already use GeoApps. The application is peerless due to its unique, modular structure and excellent performance, even with large amounts of data. GeoApps is available in various low-threshold subscription-based packages, depending on your requirements. Ask about the possibilities and prices for your organisation.

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