In order to be able to use geodata in your organisation effectively, professional storage and access is vital. Setting up and implementing reliable map servers is a difficult and time-consuming task, especially with (extremely) large datasets. Sometimes this requires expertise that you don’t have at your disposal internally. In order to help you with this, MapGear has developed a new service: geohosting. A secure and externally hosted geodatawarehouse that is fully accessible to your administrators and users.

Geohosting offers your organisation a complete, open source geodatawarehouse in which your geodata is stored, managed and made available in a safe way. You can use all common protocols such as WMS, WFS and WMTS to make your map layers available to colleagues, project partners or clients.

Geohosting allows your administrator to upload and manage geodata files via the simple GeoApps management system. This secure environment provides access to a cluster of dedicated servers equipped with GeoServer (map server) and PostGIS/PostGreSQL (storage). When the amount of data or the number of users increases, this cluster can easily be scaled up to the desired service level, so that the performance of your maps is guaranteed for all users.




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