3D presentation with our TouchTable

3D applications such as Virtual Reality and Augmented reality are increasingly in demand. It’s now possible to present 2D information in 3D. Together with  Tijdlab we made a link between the TouchTable and a Hologram display, making it possible to select information 2D on the map and present it in 3D as Hologram. Your information can be viewed, researched and presented in an interactive way. Whether it’s a height map, buildings, people or objects, this link makes it possible. Let us show you!

Drawing and calculating with GeoApps

Many of our customers already use GeoApps to publish geographic information. The amount of (geo)data is increasing and so is the desire to do more with the information available. In collaboration with a number of leading research institutes and engineering firms, we developed the teken&reken (drawing&calculating) functionality and added it to the GeoApps platform. This makes it easy to calculate, for example, how many objects or persons there are in a particular area. Or to calculate potential savings that can be made through certain sustainable measures on selected homes.

Hosting for big (geo) data

Managing large amounts of geodata within your organisation can be a huge challenge. A geo database in which the data is stored adequately and safely is vital. Setting up and arranging this is an expensive and time-consuming task. This also requires a considerable effort from your IT department and geo specialist(s). In order to reduce this workload, MapGear has developed a new service: geohosting. We offer a complete and externally hosted geodatawarehouse that is fully accessible to your managers and offers guaranteed availability and performance. We can also implement geohosting (on-premise) in your own server environment.

CMS Scraper

Municipal offices, wedding venues, polling stations, dog parks, parking places, building projects: citizens and companies like to map them on their computers, tablets or smartphones. The information to make these online maps is often already available on your own website in a different form. CMS Scraper, the new MapGear tool, automatically translates this information into user-friendly web maps.

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