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TouchTable saves paper and supports processes

Inventive solutions to use less paper: this is what the City of Utrecht was looking for. Stadsingenieurs Utrecht (City engineers), the city’s technical advisor, found this solution in MapGear’s TouchTable. Their designers use the digital table in their processes to develop, set up and manage public spaces. Not only does it save paper, it also saves time. And it helps the quality of the process. Straight to work The Utrecht City Engineers have been working with two TouchTables for a number of months. Marco Vader (ICT advisor): “The tables have all the necessary software, so that we can get started quickly. Adobe Touch, Bluebeam and Autodesk 360 for example. We currently using the TouchTables mainly to check drawings, but we know that it offers many more possibilities. Such as checking 3D models and conducting consultations, where we have all the information at hand. Using the touchtable together makes it very interactive: you can reach a consensus together far faster. And yes: it also saves a lot of paper. That was a conscious choice for this progressive municipality”. Tables with appeal Utrecht City Engineers are enthusiastic about the use. notice that everyone wants to try the TouchTables. Not just our designers. The tables really have a huge appeal. People from very different parts of our organisation come to see us and how we work with them. We now let everyone get used to the tables and discover in practice which processes they can be utilised for”, says Marco Vader. “In addition, it is nice that MapGear helps us in this phase and gives advice on the smart use of the TouchTables. They are always ready for us to provide information.” Complete view of the public space MapGear likes to see how the TouchTables prove their usefulness in practice. Marcel Bessels: “We really notice that this digital solution is an answer to the demand on the one hand to save paper and on the other hand to speed up and improve processes. We are curious as to how broadly Utrecht City Engineers will use the tables, because the possibilities are endless: from design to visualisation in 2D and 3D, from planning to feedback. For designers, it is ideal that they can consult interactive maps directly on the TouchTable with, for example, zoning plans, environmental areas and GPS image. This gives a complete picture of the possibilities and limitation in a particular public space. Besides that, the collaboration with Utrecht City Engineers has also been very pleasant”.

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