National School Breakfasts

More than 23,000 breakfast packages that find their way through some hundreds of supermarkets to about 3,000 primary schools, where more than half a million children sit together: the National School breakfast is a major logistical challenge every year. At the 15th edition of this educational breakfast event MapGear helped the organisation to organize this process smartly. Calculation model Eline van der Velden from the National School breakfast: “We want to make it as easy as possible for all participating schools. That is why it is important to link every school to the nearest supermarket. So, not the bird’s eye view, but, the actual distance travelled is important, because schools pick up the breakfast for their students at the supermarket. What makes linking even more difficult is that every supermarket branch is able to serve only a limited number of schools. So we needed a smart calculation model using geodata”. At a Glance MapGear helped the National School breakfast organisation with this model. Egbert Griffioen from MapGear: “We converted all postcode data for schools and supermarkets into GPS coordinates and calculated the travel times between them. In the calculation model we incorporated a maximum capacity in terms of the number of schools a supermarket can supply, in which case the next nearest branch can be selected”. Van der Velden: “That model immediately shows the travel distances for the schools and therefore whether or not they were feasible to us. MapGear literally mapped everything, so that we could see, at a glance, the regions in the country where we had to look for alternative solutions for schools.” Breakfast with the mayor “This saves us a great deal of research and communication with schools”, Van der Velden notes “And it means less travel time for the schools.” “We thought this was a great case in which to apply our calculation methods with geodata, our travel time analysis and our mapping platform GeoApps. In addition to breakfast in schools there are also breakfasts with school classes and mayors in the town hall. The municipalities and mayors that are set to take part in the entire country will be revealed soon. Breakfast with the mayor is also a nice feature to show on a map”.

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