Engineering and consultancy firm Tauw has been using the knowledge and geo services available through MapGear for several years now. At the request of Tauw, MapGear is currently developing the national Riothermie viewer, an interactive map that shows the possibilities sewer networks offer in terms of heat recovery. Tauw uses the map viewer – based on the GeoApps platform – as part of advisory processes for current and new customers, mostly municipalities. This online map viewer organised by MapGear on behalf of Tauw is supports the work Tauw does. Simon Bos from Tauw: “We are looking for new forms of energy, to ultimately use less gas. We can see that municipalities are facing the same question. Now we can use residual heat from the sewer networks – a great opportunity for municipalities, that can use the heat energy in public buildings or spaces. For example, we know that it’s possible to heat an entire pool using the heat obtained through sewer networks!”. Tauw shows the possibilities riothermia has to offer for municipalities, using MapGear maps. Not only does it display sewer networks, it also maps the places where the heat can be used. “We proactively show the possibilities riothermia can offer municipalities. The map viewer provides a good indication of the local possibilities, so we can give a more complete range of recommendations. This is how we take away the doubts that municipalities may have. ” The MapGear map system is a welcome addition: “We no longer need to produce long reports, we can make the system and the possibilities transparent by using a map. It’s been well-received – which is also reflected in our results: although the system is not finished yet, we have already convinced several municipalities! The municipalities of Huizen, Leeuwarden and Hoorn are leading the way”. Egbert Griffioen from MapGear is enthusiastic about the partnership. “We deliver the map system and upload the map data supplied. We receive the files from the specialists at Tauw in such a way that they can be imported automatically and with the correct colours. So, we hardly have to adjust anything manually, it is almost impossible to do it more efficiently.” Tauw’s pragmatic approach is good: “The preparation phase was a fun and educational process, during which we often sat together to discuss the best approach. Together we determined the content included in the Riothermie viewer. We are now ready to actually organise municipal viewers. We work well together, which is great. The fact that both companies are located in Deventer makes this extra easy”. Simon Bos from Tauw is particularly pleased with the speed at which MapGear operates and how they deal with any request. “The communication is going very well. They always respond to my questions very quickly, even if something needs to be sorted out on the spot. The ease of dealing with my contact person Egbert is fantastic!” Will there be a sequel to the current riothermia maps? definitely”, says Simon Bos. “We are now making the first scans free for municipalities. Once this tool is ready, we will expand the maps and fill them in together with our customers. For us, maps are a much stronger means of communication than, for example, a report.”

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