About two years ago, PCkwadraat knocked on MapGear’s door for the first time. The company had developed a beautiful MapGallery, but was looking for – due to growing use – a professional management organisation for hosting and technical management. MapGear was chosen because of its specialised knowledge, the scalability and the ease of maintenance of the geo solutions offered. The GeoApps map system from MapGear is now being fully utilised: from the secure delivery of files to the publication of interactive maps for dozens of municipalities.

The transformation and transition in housing and care requires relevant (area) information. It is PCKwadraat’s mission to edit the available data into insightful information in the form of map material and statistical reports to support strategy, policy, implementation and monitoring in the complex field of housing and care. The web-based linking of open data and specific user data creates the necessary new insights to make the paradigm shift work.

Now PCkwadraat is growing and the maintenance of the map systems has to be optimised, the MapGear services are being used effectively. Wouter Goedhart from MapGear explains: “We have fully integrated the VissQ map viewer into our scalable geo architecture. The template, the appearance of the maps, has remained completely the same. He liked this and customers were used to it. The advantage of our GeoApps map viewer is that it is easy to manage and requires very little configuration. “

PCkwadraat maps are mainly used on desktop computers. “During workshops with policy makers, however, we also increasingly use a TouchTable. The online MapGallery works perfectly on this mobile touch screen and this gives participants much quicker and better insight into the local issues.” Want to know more about the VissQ MapGallery or the GeoApps platform used? Contact PCkwadraat ( or Wouter Goedhart (

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